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Ali & Dania - March 2020

Posted on May 25, 2020

Our story began nearly a year ago, we had never heard of each other neither had we ever seen each other but at the end of our story, we realized that God had made us for each other. The first time we saw each other was through friends with no intentions there wasn’t even a hi or bye, we were both fresh out of a six-year relationship so we both never had in mind that we would ever be in another relationship for a very long time. We crossed paths a few times but still never had any intention eventually we met we spoke, we began to realize how like-minded we were and a simple friendship flourished into our love story. We have grown together and within the year we have met we a now extremely happily married and honestly, we put everyone’s opinions to the side and chose what we wanted and everything we wanted to be fell into place. God is great and for what we’ve experienced god has actually made us for each other.

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